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(Without Any Investment Or Previous Experience)

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eCom Dudes is one of the most trusted sources to learn eCommerce. We’ve been around since 2005 and have led the industry with success stories and cutting edge strategies that we’ve been teaching our members. Our eCommerce Accelerator training program is the most effective and profitable eCommerce program currently available on the market. Thousands of students have built their first $300-$500 PER DAY Shopify businesses using this step-by-step proven training we’ve created.

Just see for yourself some of the astronomical results we’ve been able to help our members achieve since joining (it’s a pretty long line of results at that)


Ready To Hit Your First $994.34+ Day?


The best feeling in the world is when you get that notification on your phone or inbox that you just achieved your first Shopify sale. It's extremely exhilarating, and most importantly, it proves that this ACTUALLY works and I am extremely thrilled to give you my EXACT blueprint and strategies to achieve the same results in under 3 days!

Once we get you set up, finding a product that is a proven winner we are going to scale your business to $3,000-$5,000 per week using underground traffic strategies that we’ve secretly discovered inside of our private community. These traffic strategies are some that HAVE NEVER been spoken about before and most people don’t even know they exist.

Don’t get me wrong, we are also going to go over how to generate hoards of free traffic using platforms like Instagram, Quora, Forums, FaceBook groups and 18 other traffic sources that cost absolutely nothing to use and the same ones I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

After That, You’ll Learn How To Scale To $100,000+ Every Month

Once you have traffic and you are steady at a few thousand per week you will learn how to scale with one of 2 ways (or both). I will walk you through building your own brand of products and putting your logo on the product and how to increase your profits by over 200%! The other strategy we are going to cover is scaling RAPIDLY with FaceBook ads and other paid advertising sources following simple rules, that if you abide, can take you from a few thousand a week to 6 and even 7 figures per month!


Only 100 Spots Available Each Month




You’re going to have the ability to peek into my computer and see exactly how I build and structure a eCommerce website from scratch and how I pick winning products that generate 6 figures with ease. Once I create the site, without any technical or design experience, I will go ahead and run a quick and simple FaceBook Ad Campaign that goes on to earn over $2,117 in sales right in front of your face. The best part is I documented it ALL so you can watch the process from start to finish! If you are a beginner and this is your first time creating a shopify or eCommerce business you are in the right hands. I am the FARTHEST thing from ‘tech savvy’ and I will reveal everything you need to know in order to carbon copy my astonishing results so you can achieve the same, if not better results!

Quick Start
quick start
Getting Your First Sales Fast
Sales Funnels
sales funnels
Crash Course


We know what it takes to get funnels profitable because we were the PIONEERS of eCommerce funnels with software tools such as TriFunnels. You will learn exactly how you can build a funnel right within your Shopify store and how to turn every $1 into an average of $2-$3 EXTRA without doing any extra work! I will even GIVE YOU 3 of my super high converting product funnels that you can copy and paste to get you up and running without going through all the trial and error.


I’ve been able to generate over $2.3 million selling products online without spending a single dollar on paid advertisements and I am going to peel back the curtain and share all my secrets on HOW I was able to accomplish just that. You will learn underground strategies such as using Quora that has 350 MILLION monthly visitors, piggybacking off FaceBook groups and brokering deals with the owners of the groups for immense profits and SO MUCH MORE. We touch on traffic sources such as Instagram pages and Infleuncer, YouTube Influencers, Forums, FaceBook groups, etc.

Free Traffic
free traffic
Strategies & Tips
Email Marketing
Email marketing
For eCommerce Businesses


One of the biggest secrets I learned in my business is how to master and harness the power of email marketing. Over the past 5 years I’ve been able to generate over $3.5 million using only email. Once you learn how easy it is, you will see exactly why people with emails lists are able to print money on command. It is THAT easy once you know exactly what to do and now you have the ability to learn and implement the same strategies. Fair warning, do this incorrectly and you will end up in the spam mailbox or even worse you can end up getting into trouble for non-compliance. You want to make sure you follow our instructions down to a ‘T’ in order to do it right and profitable the first time around.


When it comes to automation such as chat bots no other eCommerce program covers how to use FaceBook Messenger bots properly to increase sales like we do. With an average open rate of over 66% chatbots are slowly becoming the best and easiest way to reach your customers at any given time. You’ll learn how to build massive chat bot lists so you can effortlessly market to them and capitalize on this extremely profitable venue.

Facebook Messenger
facebook messenger
Marketing For eCommerce
Unlocking Facebook Ads
Unlocking Facebook Ads


We are on the cutting edge of what is working now when it comes to FaceBook ad strategies. Most guru’s will tell you to ‘spend $5 a day on your ads and hope for the best’ and unfortunately that is a lie and that DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. You see our strategies are based on real strategies that work such as CBO lifetime and daily budgets, how to structure a ‘sandbox’ campaign, which countries to target, how to ensure your business account doesn’t get blacklisted so you never lose your data. If you don’t set up some of your settings correctly you are going to suffer in the long term, we will walk you through the correct set up from A-Z with no questions left unanswered.

You will also receive our ad strategy blueprints so you can follow along every step of the way. If you ever get stuck you can follow our ‘process maps’ as a guide to ensure you are setting up your ad campaigns correctly. These process maps are the secret to creating STRUCTURED campaigns and you won’t EVER find these anywhere else!


Google Shopping is slowly becoming one of the best venues to generate hoards of buyer traffic. We will show you how to put your ads in front of people who are searching for “Buy XYZ”. Imagine you have a product like a blender bottle and someone searches “Buy Blender Bottle”. We will show you exactly how to get your product on the first product in the search for pennies on the dollar. This advertising strategy will allow you to see instant ROI. I’ll show you how to set this up step-by-step without having to worry about needing a massive budget.

Unlocking Google Ads
Unlocking Google Ads
Shopping Ads & Retargeting
Video Marketing
Video marketing
Production & Publishing


You will see exactly how to create high performing video ads, doesn’t matter if you are using them for advertisements or if you want to create youtube videos to post. I will show you the same strategy I used to grow my subscriber base from 0 to over 140,000 subscribers and the exact process I use to sell very efficiently (works for any product!) You’ll even get an inside look on how to set up YouTube advertising and how to set up proper retargeting on YouTube!


The eCommerce Accelerator is the only program of its kind that shows you how to find suppliers and broker deals with them. You will even learn how you can get your logo on the products and build a REAL brand. YOu will have access to our secret sources to contact suppliers, you can use our templates that have an incredible response rate with a proven 46% average decrease in product cost which means more profit for you.

White Labeling
white labeling
Finding Suppliers & Managing Inventory


For 3 years straight we’ve held our weekly workshops and you have access to ALL those workshops, access to our paid advertising masterclasses where we teach you other advertising locations such as Reddit and Pinterest, you will learn how to set up Instagram promotions for max profit and 3 massive secrets that any beginner can use to go from $0 to over $500 in a single day starting from scratch. I’ll even throw in my $100K in 90 days book and much much more!

Secret Paid Ad Strategies
Secret Paid Ad Strategies
Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook & More
Encore Replays & Recordings
Encore Replays & Recordings Of Our Live Class
6 Figure Business Blueprints
6 Figure Business Blueprints
Fastest Way To Build To 6 Figures
Money Garanty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join the eCommerce Accelerator now, and don’t get the results you were looking for or just don’t feel like it’s the right program for you, just reach out to our team and we’ll refund your money complying with our action based refund policy. This is a 100% risk free opportunity.

Exclusive eCommerce Accelerator Bonuses ($2,997+ IN BONUSES)

To celebrate the launch of the Accelerator 2.0, everyone who signs up from this page will receive the following bonuses including a $150 YouTube/Google Ads credit, all of my pre-built funnels and email campaigns, plus a free copy of the Transcendence Focus Workbook.




I’ve generated millions selling via funnels and it's the easiest way for anyone to get started and start making SERIOUS cash without a massive upfront investment. I decided that for the next 50 people only I am going to be giving away 3 extremely high converting products, the supplier, the description, the upsell and downsells I used, the images I used… EVERYTHING you need to carbon copy the exact same sales funnel. This means you can shortcut your success time by just using my proven funnel and input them into the funnel builder we suggest that works directly with your Shopify store.



Our students are using out copy and paste email templates to start genering MORE revenue to theirs tores with ease. You can send these emails to all new customers you get (even ones that don’t purchase from you with our cart abandonment set up) and start increasing your profit dramatically. Remmeber these emails are sent AFTER you acquire the customer so that means you will be able to keep 100% of the profit from there! Within a single click I will show you how you can upload these to your store and have them completely automated from the start! These include marketing emails, follow-ups, abandoned cart emails and more.




I said there was no reason for you NOT to get started and enroll, to make the deal even sweeter and a complete no brainer I am going to give you access to $150 Google Ads credit and how to claim it so you can start running ads and become profitable from Google Shopping. I will even show you how you can get MORE credit with ease with a little tactic no one knows about but we’ve figured it out!


Only 100 Spots Available Each Month

The eCommerce Accelerator Private Community

Upon signing up, you get instant 24/7 access to the private eComDudes mastermind group with Dan Dasilva and other 7-figure marketers to ask questions, get support and join the entire eCommerce Accelerator community. Come find your first accountability partner and share your own results inside our Impakt or FaceBook groups!



The worst thing that can happen to you is if you join another program and all they do is provide you with some videos and tell you “good luck hope you figure it out” and that's it. You just paid them, and for what? For them to leave you in the dark? That isn’t how we operate here at all!

In the eCommerce Accelerator, you have 24/7 access to me at any given time that you need me. Think of it as almost like a personal mentorship. You have access to me in our private Chat App - Impakt and inside the private FaceBook group! You also are invited to come and join our live coaching calls every single week (and YES they are live). We don’t mislead you and pre recorded anything, its 100% live and you can get your questions answered then and there.


Only 100 Spots Available Each Month

Powerhouse Accelerator Software

Powerhouse Accelerator Software Suite To Shortcut Your Success Time In HALF!

Imagine having everything automated for you so all the hard work, and guessing was removed completely! We heard all our members thoughts and concerns and developed private tools for our Accelerator members that set us apart from everyone else at the same time allow our students to exponentially make more money!

Inside the eCommerce Accelerator we’ve developed 3 tools that are going to drastically increase how much money you make and how EASY it is to make that money. How so? This type of statement is extremely bold but we know what we’ve built and developed for our emmerbs and we are extremely excited to allow you to get instant access to these exclusive tools. Tools that allow you to increase your sales with exclusive after purchase upsells such as Upsell Amplifier Pro or ShopiMetrics which allows you to get and track your ACTUAL profit for each sale and our most recent ‘Weekly Product Watchlist’ where we reveal 3-5 different products we are going to be testing that week and we suggest you jump in on them as well!

Here is just a glimpse of what they can do…


Web-based software, plugins, and themes that go hand-in-hand with our action maps and coaching sessions to help you get an unfair advantage.


Text Promotion Pro

The worlds best state of the art SMS broadcasting for eCommerce stores. We handle everything for you including the compliancy. Text Promotion Pro is proven to increase sales by over 200%. Launching a new product? You can blast out a massive promotional text and have hundreds of people swarming to your site to purchase immediately.


Upsell Amplifier Pro

The BEST Upsell tool that allows you to create high converting product upsells once someone purchases a product from your store. This is available right when you enroll into eCom Dudes Academy.


Timer Scarcity Elite

Effortlessly build and save a custom countdown timers specifically for your store that easily increases your sales by OVER 200% with just copying and pasting a simple live of text. Available right within your members portal once you log into eCom Dudes Academy

eCom Accelerator 6 Figure Cheat Sheets & Action Maps

We make this as simple as possible for you when it comes to following a ‘system’. Most of the programs you see just have a few videos and give you some basic instructions. We create elaborate mind maps and flow charts for you to follow along and to REALLY systemize your business.

The eCommerce Accelerator gives you access to over 30+ different flow charts and mind maps from generating your first 100K and the exact step by step process all the way to FaceBook targeting and all the different targeting options you have. We even go into niche research cheat sheets and much more giving you the ability to truly follow along so you never get lost and allows you to have a true systemized approach to building a business (not just a bunch of guess work like many other programs).

Powerhouse Accelerator Software


How is this program different from all the others?

Our gram is vastly superior to any on the market right now. We aren’t just saying that to try and convince you, statistically we have THE MOST student results from any other program. Aside from having over 500+ verified earnings reports from 6 and 7 figure earners we’ve also help kickstart and launch some of the most well known gurus today! 

Needless to say, our program has been stress tested over time and we constantly keep updating our systems to ensure our members are up to date on what’s working right now to ensure your success.

Here are a few other reasons why we our program is vastly superior compared to what is on the market currently…

1 — Hand Holding Personal Mentorship - when it comes to programs of this kind you’ve probably seen most of them just hand you a vast sea of videos and unorganized tutorials and say “good luck, have fun and let us know if you have any questions.” Once you ask questions and get started you end up lost and with absolutely zero responses. This deters you from continuing with this business and burning through money you never needed to burn through in the first place. Dan and the eCom Dudes team will take a look at your business and help you every step of the way with any questions that you have. We are dedicated to your success and most importantly ensuring that all your questions, comments and concerns are answered in a timely manner. You will receive personal coaching from Dan & the eCom Dudes team 24/7/365.

2 — Learn From Those With Experience Not Just Theory - The eCommerce Accelerator isn’t theory or just repurposed information. Our students and coaches are in the trenches with you every single day. We run this type of business so we know the hurdles you will face and we also learn the new strategies that work. Most other programs will teach you the important tactics and strategies MONTHS after it is useful and most of the time they will teach it to you in a ‘washed down’ version not showing you all the correct ways to do. 

You can rest assured that everything you learn WORKS exceptionally well and you will also be able to see the results from the strategies used. We ensure that everything you learn from us is 100% up to date and works so that you aren’t running around in circles trying to figure out why it doesn’t work for you. 

Most of the time the information you learn from other programs originates from inside the eCommerce Accelerators here at eCom Dudes. This means instead of getting information that is watered down, go right to the source and learn what does and doesn’t work from the very beginning allowing you to see immense profits from the start!

3 — A-Z Dropshipping Training All The Way To Building Your Own Brand - The goal for all of us as eCommerce owners is to build a credible and big brand that we can eventually sell to another company for millions of dollars. However in order to do that, you must know exactly how to create your first profitable store and how to run ads to become extremely profitable as well. Once you learn to do that following our strategies you will then continue to learn how to put your logo on the products you are selling and create custom packaging.

You will start off learning how to create a 6 figure eCommerce business and within under 1 month you will be up and ready to go. From then on you will also learn from Dan how to put a logo on ANY product so it becomes yours. Dan will also give you connections to his private warehouses that you can send your products to and they will ship it out on your behalf once you get orders. This means you can have your own brand that you are extremely proud of without ever having to touch your own branded products with our secret warehouse locations you get direct access to!

4 — The Worlds BEST FaceBook Ads Training & Million Dollar Ad Strategies Found Nowhere Else - Inside the eCommerce Accelerator you’re going to earn the RIGHT way to run FaceBook Ads. Most ‘gurus’ will tell you that you can spend $5 and target interests and that’s it. That USE to be the case back in 2015 when there were practically no advertisers. Times have changed and so have the strategies.

Inside of the eCOmmerce Accelerator Dan dives DEEP with over 5 hours of training outlining multiple different strategies you can follow. Strategies such as the CBO lifetime shortcut that will show you winning campaigns where you can put in $1 and it spits out $2…$4 ... $5 or more for every dollar you put in!

There is a grand total of 13 different strategies you can use and YOU get to choose which one you like the best and is easiest for you to follow. You’ll also learn how the algorithm works and how to get FaceBook to FEED you buyers on command without having to ‘game’ the system.

You’ll also see how to set up the FaceBook pixel so it is TRULY hardcoded into your eCommerce stores. Most eCommerce store owners track their sales incorrectly cause their pixel isn’t installed right, Dan will show you one sneaky little trick to ensure your pixel is set up and tracking correctly 100% of the time!

5 — No Other Program Can Ever Compare To Our Content - it’s is something we are proud of and something Dan boasts about constantly. You see Dan spends over $80,000 a year on private mentoring and high level masterminds to learn cutting edge strategies that he stress tests and then shares with his eCOmmerce Accelerator community. Why is this important?

This means you don’t have to dish out $80,000-$150k+ per year to learn this information. Rather you only have to pay one single little tiny fee for less than a cup of coffee every single day and you get the same information fed to you that TRULY works. You get to be the first to know and use certain strategies that are proven to generate 6 and 7 figures with ease allowing you to have that unfair ego over all your competition. 

Will you help me choose a niche?

Of course we will! As a matter of fact, this is the most important part. Most people will tell you that advertising is the most important and in fact, it’s not - that is the easiest part.

The hardest part is picking a niche and product. Think about it for a second, we all have the ability to create a store, we all have the ability to run ads, so why isn’t everyone as successful as me or other Accelerator Members? The answer is simple, the only differentiating factor is the product and niche you are in.

If you choose this wrong and try it by yourself you are most likely going to fail from the start. It’s like building a house, if your foundation isn’t built correctly the house will collapse. 

Inside the eCommerce Accelerator you will learn have access to our Million Dollar Research Checklist. This checklist is one that you have to follow along with me and if your product firs the criteria outlined then you have a winner on your hands, however if it doesn’t fit the criteria you have to restart. You will be able to download and use the checklist and watch as I find MULTIPLE products that go on to generate me over $100k+ in profits with ease.

Try this on your own and it will most likely be the equivalent of having a faulty foundation and you might find yourself failing before you even start!

Will this work in my country?

Yes! If you answer yes to the following questions this will 100% work for you.

#1 - Do you have an internet connection?

#2 - Do you have a bank account / can you get a bank account?

If you answered yes to these questions you can EASILY get started with the eCommerce accelerator and start earning a nice income. 

Some of our most successful students are based in Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand and of course the USA. We have a few students from Africa and Morocco as well that are absolutely CRUSHING it! Remember everywhere in the world is different when it comes to wages needed to have a stable life. Our students in locations such as Africa and Morocco have reported that over $250,000 a year helps them and their ENTIRE family live like kinds and queens (which we LOVE to hear!)

I want to make this clear right now - it doesn’t matter where you are from or where you live as long as you answered yes to the above questions and you have the desire to become successful you WILL be able to make the eCommerce Accelerator work for you! 

How much money do I need to get started in eCommerce?

When it comes down to starting capital the beauty about eCommerce is that you don’t need much. Shopify offers you a free trial and we are going to start off with free traffic techniques to get the ball rolling. Once you have $500 or so I am going to teach you how to scale that into a couple thousand dollars and from there we are going to scale you to 6 figures.

You can start off with zero but in order to get to 6 figures it might take you longer (still extremely easy but takes a little longer to build capital). Once we have roughly $500 or more (after using all the free traffic techniques) we can easily go ahed and scale with FaceBook ads and Influencers to achieve 6 figures in results!

Inside of eCommerce Accelerator you will learn everything you need to know in order to get started in the most cost efficient way and then how to scale from there!

How much time does this require? Can I start this if I have a full time job?

Most of the time, the new students that enroll are looking for a way to earn EXTRA income and eventually realize how profitable and easy to scale this business is that they turn it into a full time job. I never recommend getting rid of your 9-5 UNTIL you are comfortable with the level of consistent income you are making from eCommerce.

Inside of eCommerce Accelerator you can watch all the on demand training, at work, on your breaks, after work, on the weekends or whenever you want. Since we have the training in audio and video (we suggest watching the videos cause its visually much easier to comprehend) you can even watch them at the gym if you wanted.

We know your schedule can be hectic so we wanted to help and work with you in any given way. 

When are the coaching calls and what happens if I cannot make them?

Thats not a worry what so ever. Sundays at 12PM EST is when our live training calls are and if you cannot make them, don’t worry we record them and put them in the members area 30 minutes after we are done so you have instant access to them! This allows you to have that 1-on-1 instant access you seek from Dan and the other coaches.

What if I decide this program is not for me?

We’ve designed this program with EVERYONE in mind and know that its not easy for everyone to get going and get started. For some people they just aren’t ready and want to come back and revise at a later time. Whatever the reason is, we never wanted you to worry! Our incredible support staff, with our live chat support around the clock will gladly issue you a no-questions-asked money back refund for your first or last months payment.

What if I don't have a lot of technical skills?

PERFECT! Ironically enough Dan made his first $180,000 month without any tech or design skills what so ever. Most of the students who join aren’t tech-savvy and have never started or attempted an online business before! Inside the eCommerce Accelerator you can pick the pace you want to learn at. If you want to go through the entire program in a few weeks, you could, if you wanted to pace it out, you can do that as well!

The worst thing you can do is rush yourself into something JUST TO DO IT. That is only going to cause you to become frustrated. We noticed the best way is to learn and take notes at the same time (you can write notes inside the members area as well for future use)! Our training was designed for anyone on any skill level looking to learn at THEIR own pace!

Can I watch the training on my phone:

Of course you can! Our members area works perfectly on any phone, table or desktop computer. As long as your device has the ability to watch videos and is connected to the internet (or your phones 3G/4G/5G) you can watch the videos from anywhere!

Does this training only apply to Shopify based eCommerce stores?

Not at all! The beauty about the eCommerce is accelerator is you can take what you currently have and implement the same strategies and traffic techniques. Doesn’t matter if you are using WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, ClickFunnels or any of the sorts. The system and strategies you are going to learn about are replicable on ANY platform that you decide to use. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter what platform you are using, it matters WHAT you are doing and how you are doing it. 

Are You Ready To Finally Start Making REAL COLD HARD CASH With eCommerce?

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Only 100 Spots Available Each Month

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